the ooomra story

the ooomra story
In my travels around the world, for faith, business and leisure, there’s always one common outcome: spiritual growth. For me, one of travel’s greatest joys is the opportunity to step back and reflect on life. Today, we live a fast-paced life, constantly on our toes to meet expectations imposed on us by society, employers, family and friends. We secretly envy our friends’ “exciting and attractive” lives on Facebook and Instagram. More often than not, we neglect to reflect on the already-favourable lives that we have and gifts we’ve been blessed with.

ooomra is born out of a desire to encourage and advocate meaningful travel for our Muslim community. Be it on a journey to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina or to a dream holiday destination, our mission is to help make your experience as a Muslim traveller as convenient and worry-free as possible. In doing so, we hope you will gain plenty of opportunities on the road to reflect on God’s blessings and, hopefully, spur you on to create new personal missions to benefit, not just yourself, but others too.

the vision

As we collectively get deeper into the digital age, it is only natural that we look online for our information needs, and especially to plan our travels. Our vision is to be the starting point of your travel research: Who could meet my umrah travel needs and preferences? Where should my next family holiday be? What shall I do and experience in this city? Where do I find the best local halal food this city can offer?

Pondering in Petra, Dec 2009

We will help you answer these and other questions you may have and, at the same time, guarantee that your Muslim needs are taken care of. Our commitment to you is that these travel experiences we offer will be curated to the high exacting standards as required by our faith, insha Allah.

our partners

For our future travel partners (as well as those who’ve helped us to get this far, we’re very grateful), we look forward to work with you to help you discover and engage the digital-savvy Muslim travellers. Together, we can work to enable and encourage meaningful travel experiences for our Muslim ummah, young and senior. We would love to speak to you so do drop us a note.

Thank you for reading. We really hope you will join us in this journey together as we build ooomra to meet your Muslim traveller needs. Do look out in the weeks ahead for personal travel stories and reflections from our friends and the ooomra team. Do like our Facebook Page so that you will receive regular updates.

We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions to make your travel planning experience as easy as it can be.

nur isman tanuri
founder, ooomra

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